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Professional Hair Extension Technician, Cheddar- Here at Limitless Lengths we specialize in transforming women's hair with the use of high quality Hair Extensions.

I supply a large selection of Beauty Works Celebrity Choice hair extension application methods.

we can give you the length and volume you never imagined possible in just a few hours! The Methods I fit are; Nano Beads, Stick Tips, Flat Tips Tape And Weft.

No matter what your hair type, we will always choose the method which best suits your individual needs to ensure your natural hair remains healthy throughout.

Maintenance plans are put in place so that we are in regular contact to ensure your extensions stay problem free throughout the lifespan of the hair.

We bring the latest hair extension fitting technology to ensure your hair extensions are virtually undetectable, with the perfect color and texture match to blend seamlessly with your own hair. All of Limitless Lengths application methods are super light and comfortable to wear.

Long Shiny Hair

Become One Step Closer To Achieving Your New Look Today


Book an appointment online today with our Hair Extension Technician.

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